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What we do

We are awesome at business analysis

Simplicity in the face of complexity, understanding in the face of confusion and communication in the face of noise

We own product ownership

Deriving and prioritizing requirements, managing roadmaps and expectations

We master scrums

Motivating cross functional teams and giving them the tools and freedom to do their best work

Delivering projects and programs

Project management with just the right amount of formality to fit your business. Not too much, not too little.

We love testing and quality

A comprehensive background in testing and test management is a solid foundation for our other skills. Testing rocks.

We are agile to the core

Never evangelising, always pragmatic, and always understanding that agile is about delivery, not ceremony.

Who we are

Getting to know us

Hoinick is a husband and wife team owned and operated by Tom du Pré and Hanna Leivo. They both have lots of experience in making projects work by applying their numerous and varied skills with enthusiasm, skill and good humour. They are both highly capable in agile software development methodologies and have demonstrated time and again how to make these techniques work properly and productively. Also involved is their dog Bertie who is in charge of all matters concerning tennis balls and overseas business development activities

Tom du Pré


Tom du Pré is a business analyst, scrum master, product owner, test manager, you name it, he’ll do it. He’s got a very pragmatic idea of what it means to be “agile” and has recently put this to good use on projects for Weve, Sky and Associated Newspapers. He likes making stuff, fixing stuff and writing about stuff and he can never remember where he left his keys.

Hanna Leivo


Hanna Leivo is a skilled scrum master, project manager and program manager with lots of experience of making things work at companies like the BBC, Sky and Dunnhumby. Her specialities include making teams work well together, and getting the right people talking to each other, even if I they think they don’t want to. She is kind to all animals, especially Bertie and likes walking in the woods and laughing at rude jokes.

Bertie the Dog


Bertie plays a vital role in Hoinick by collecting any old tennis balls the company needs to operate. He’s also responsible for calculating our corporation tax liability and filing VAT remittances. Although he’s not skilled in agile activities (he’s actually rather clumsy) he’s very curious and interested in whatever you’re doing and is a fast learner as long as there’s a biscuit.

Our clients

Pottermore from J.K. Rowling


Product ownership of the site of one of the world’s biggest entertainment franchises with a fanatical audience. We owned the delivery of a beautiful new site backed by a killer content system, laden with unique content from J.K.R. In case you were wondering Tom is a Slytherin, Hanna is a Hufflepuff and so is Bertie.

BBC Three

BBC Three

We managed the delivery of the new BBC Three website, as part of the move from a TV channel to an online-0nly channel.  We took the project from concept through to launch, and establishing it as a stable business as usual platform.



We helped Weve deliver a brand new mobile loyalty application called “Pouch” by providing business and technical analysis expertise, as well as managing the deliveries from a 3rd party development and test team.

BBC News

BBC News

We provided scrum mastering skills on BBC New’s content management system. Demonstrating once again how we can make agile actually deliver value. BBC News

Sky Go

Sky Go

Hoinick provided business and technical analysis expertise to Sky Go’s advertising project. This involved integrating a 3rd party ad server into Sky Go’s iOS, Android and XBox applications, and onto the Sky Go website. This turned Sky Go into a revenue generating product for the first time. Sky Go

DMG Media

DMG Media

We provided DMG Media (or A&N Media as it was then known) with our expertise about the “EU Cookie law”. We audited their proposed response to this law, and advised on changes they should make. We know all about this cookie law. We even wrote some blog posts about it. DMG Media



Hoinick provided expertise into numerous projects and departments at Sky. We provided scrum mastering skills on several websites, project managed several large customer experience changes, and provided analytical and consultancy expertise in helping Sky respond to new data privacy laws.

Our blogs


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  • Testers are scientists

    I love testing for the same reason that I love science. To be a scientist is to be curious about the world around you and learn about it through experimentation. To be a tester is to be curious about the software around you and learn about it through experiments that we call tests. We can Read… Read more


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  • The Agile Manifesto & testing

    I hear a lot of testers telling each other that the testing activities they are doing “aren’t Agile”. So what is Agile testing? Turns out it’s testing, that’s done in an Agile way! Who’d have… Read more

  • Faith based testing

    Imagine you have two testers in front of you, both giving you a report on the testing they have just done. Whose view do you trust most? The application is completely tested and all the bugs have been found and fixed! or; All the tests that were planned have been run, and all the bugs Read… Read more

The cookie law

More posts about the cookie law…

  • Proportionate, balanced response to the cookie law? You got it.

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