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Bertie the dog


Bertie was found wandering up and down Abbey Road in London on the 21st March 2013.  He was taken to The Mayhew, a long established dog and cat rescue place in Kensal Green. He didn’t have a collar or microchip and although he wasn’t sick or injured, he was looking a bit scruffy and un-cared for.

He originally came to us as a foster dog. The idea was that we would look after him or a few weeks, during which time he would be neutered and re-acclimatized to living in a house, given some basic training and then he would be put up for adoption. As dog fosters we would give him board and lodging and show him off to prospective adopters. That was the plan at least.

The problem was that after a couple of weeks we sort of fell in love with Bertie and didn’t want to give him back. So we had a chat with good people at The Mayhew and they agreed that we could keep him, so long as we got him neutered and took him to some training classes. So Bertie was ours!

Since then he’s been living a happy doggy life. He’s looking much healthier now with a glossy coat, shiny nose and he looks a lot leaner and fitter. He loves chasing playing fetch with tennis balls, likes playing with other dogs and is very friendly with everyone he meets. He’s totally house trained, doesn’t mind going in the car and likes to curl up and relax in the evenings after a hard days work investigating everything he can.

Here’s some pictures and videos of what he’s been up to.